Orange County water leaks or gas leaks in Santa Fe Springs

When was the last time you inspected all your pipes for waters leaks or gas leaks?

It doesn’t take a plumbing detective to spot water leaks or gas leaks.

The obvious leaks anyway. Not sure if you have indoor or outdoor water leaks? What about underground leaks or leaks on your sidewalk? You may be wasting so much water you don’t even know it. If you have a pipe leak, broken pipes, toilet, sink or water leaks; the signs may be fairly obvious.

If the leak is small however, trying to determine if you have a water leak may be a bit more difficult. After all, plumbing is built inside walls and underground making it harder to tell if the leak is small, serious or not there at all.

We want to help you SPOT plumbing leaks. Using real-world, on-the-job examples; our goal is to help you stop water leaks and save you time and money on potential future plumbing related damages.

Did you SPOT a water leak, gas leak, rusted or broken pipes?

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How to SPOT a GAS leak.

The short answer is, it's pretty difficult to SPOT a gas leak unless it's OBVIOUS or dangerously late. While the gas we use is relatively safe, it's important to be aware of the possible hazards. Carbon monoxide for example can be very harmful. It's almost impossible to detect because it's odorless and colorless. You may not know you have a leak until you start feeling the side-effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Luckily, the natural gas we use stinks!

A rotten egg odor has been added to the gas we use to help us identify potential gas leaks. If you suspect you have a gas leak; stop what you're doing and call your local utility company. Do not attempt to dig around or fix the leak yourself. Call us at Classic Plumbing and Rooter Service to have one of our licensed professionals fix the gas leak for you.

Santa Fe Springs water leaks or gas leaks in orange-county