Santa Fe Springs water leak costs you money.

Pipe, Faucet or Sink leaks cost you money!

Water leaks account for over 10% of water use in American households. There’s two types of water leaks: indoor water leak and outdoor water leaks. Fix water leaks before you spend thousands on additional water leak related damages.

Indoor Water Leaks

Indoor water leaks are usually easy to spot; other times, you have to be a detective to find where the leak is. Invisible water leaks such as those in wall-piping or under sinks may be a bit harder to spot and usually cause additional damage if not spotted and fixed immediately.

Our team at Classic Plumbing and Rooter have the latest tools to help you identify and fix any water leak in your home or office; visible or hidden. We can even use a video camera to run a full plumbing inspection and identify hidden water leaks.

If you have indoor water leaks or suspect you may have some leaks, call our team of plumbers right away. The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner you will protect your home or office from additional water leak related damages.

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How to spot indoor water leaks

  • Hear sound of running water
  • Hear faint hissing or trickling in toilet
  • See water around the base of the toilet
  • See water around faucets and sinks
  • Showerhead leaks usually identified as water dripping
  • Water leaking from tub
  • Water drips from kitchen or bathroom faucets
  • Check under kitchen and bathroom sinks
New plumbing and repiping in Santa Fe Springs.

Ultimate water leak test

Turn off all water use including refrigerator and outdoor water use. Check your water meter. Wait 10-15 minutes and check water meter again. Do not use water during this period. If meter has moved, you most likely have a water leak.

Plumbers stop serious water leak under house in Santa Fe Springs.

How to spot outdoor water leaks.

So you checked indoors and hopefully found no water leaks. Great! When was the last time you checked for outdoor water leaks? Outdoor water leaks can sometimes go unnoticed for long periods of time. This can result in huge water bills and water damage to surrounding structures. Sometimes the water leaks can come from a neighboring property so it’s vital that you call our plumbers at Classic Plumbing and Rooter to help you find the source of the leak. Call us today: (800) 506-7473

Pool leaks: If you see water levels drop in your pool chances are you have a pool leak. If you notice any algae form after chemical treatment, loose, falling or missing tiles, pool cracks or wet soil around the pool or house may be indicators of a pool leak.

Water supply leaks: out-door plumbing leaks are notorious for going unnoticed for long periods of time. By the time you realize you have a water leak outdoors, you may be in need of immediate plumbing services. Sometimes it’s easy to spot a broken pipe leak, a great indicator is wet soil that never seems to dry-up.

Broken Pipes: It’s pretty difficult to notice broken pipe leaks but, sometimes the signs are easy to spot. Some signs of a broken pipe are a decrease in water pressure, brown water, moist soil, or puddles of water suddenly forming.

Outdoor leaks, Indoor water leaks, Our plumbers can Fix all leaks! Guaranteed!

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