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Our team at Classic Plumbing and Rooter will diagnose the problem and suggest the best solution for your residential or commercial building. When it boils down to hot water, our water heater repair and replacement expertise compare to none. Bottom line, our team will guarantee you have hot running water.

When well maintained, water heaters will last you for years but, its longevity also takes into account other factors such as: quality of water, maintenance, placement and design, type of water heater, and other environmental factors.

How to spot potential water heater problems

  • Water heater is leaking: If water is leaking, sometimes, you just need a pressure-relief valve replacement. If you notice leaks around the base of the heater, maybe it’s time for a water heater replacement. No need to worry, our team will help you identify the problem and help you choose the best solution. Including any water heater repair.
  • Water heater temperature is not correct or is unpredictable: If you’re water temperature is hard to control or not hot enough, you may have a defective thermostat or faulty heating element. Our water heater repair technicians take every precaution to troubleshoot the problem and make sure you have a working water heater. Call us today to schedule an appointment (800) 506-7473.
  • Water heater is rusting: If your water heater is showing signs of rust, you should definitely consider replacing your water heater. Call us today to schedule a free inspection. We will present options solutions suitable for your home or office.

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How to diagnose a faulty or leaking water heater

There are two types of water heaters: Electric water heaters and gas water heaters. To diagnose a potential problem, follow some of the steps below. Please use proper precautions to avoid injury or call our professional plumbers to help you diagnose and fix the problem with your water heater.

Electric Water Heaters troubleshooting tips

  • Do a thermostat reset
  • Flush the heater and remove sediment from tank
  • Insulate the water pipes
  • Replace thermostat
  • Reset temperature settings
  • Leaking water supply lines

Diagnose and trouble shoot your gas water heater

  • Make sure the gas is connected
  • Is the pilot on?
  • Clean the gas burner and check safety device
  • Raise the temperature setting
  • Leaking water supply lines

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