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Water leaks account for over 10% of water use in American households. Sometimes, detecting water leaks is easy; other times, you have to be a detective to find where the leak is occurring. The most commonly occurring leaks are toilet leaks.

Toilet leaks tend to happen when you least expect it but fortunately, the are usually easy to spot. We have created a list of clues to help you spot toilet leaks.

How to spot a toilet leak.

  • Hear sound of running water
  • Hear faint hissing or trickling in toilet
  • Weak flushes after use
  • See water running in toilet non-stop
  • See water around the base of the toilet
  • Water leaking from pipes connected to toilet
  • Remove the toilet tank lid and look for trickling water
  • Drop a dye tablet into the water tank and check the toilet bowl a few minutes later. If you see color in the water, you probably have a leak.

Sometimes it’s easy for a toilet leak to go unnoticed. This usually happens when the water is flowing through the tank very slowly.

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