Santa Fe Springs underground water slab leak

What is a slab leak?

Slab leaks are not easy to detect. This type of leak usually happens below the concrete floor of your home, drive-way, cemented walk-ways or cemented patios. If you think you have a slab leak, call us right away before you let anyone start digging your property to try and find the source of the leak. We will diagnose and detect the full extent of the leak and provide slab leak repairs to prevent further damage to your home or commercial building. Best of all, our slab leak repairs will feel like it was never there.

How to spot a slab leak in Orange County and Los Angeles

  • You hear running water when no water is running.
  • You feel a hot spot on the floor which may be the result of a hot water pipe leak.
  • You feel a cooler than normal spot on the floor which could be a cold water pipe leak.
  • Moister under carpets may signal slab crack.
  • Higher than normal water bills.

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Our plumbers know slab leaks!

  • We use non-destructive slab detection techniques
  • Make sure there are not more leaks
  • Reset the slab as if we were never there
  • We will replace leaking section of the pipe
  • Clean up after ourselves
  • Re-route the pipe if we think it may cause problems again
Slab leak repair in Santa Fe Springs

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