Santa Fe Springs shower leak repairs and replacement.

Shower leak repairs, replacement and installations

From old shower leak repairs to new modern shower repairs and installations; our team at Classic Plumbing and Rooter have the knowledge and expertise to keep your water flowing. Our trained plumbing professionals have the expertise to handle standard bathtubs and showers, tub leaks, water jets, and plenty of other types of shower installations and repairs.

How to spot potential shower repairs

  • You have little to no water pressure from the shower head.
  • You have a leaking drip from the shower head
  • You have a leak from the tub nuzzle
  • Changing water flow to shower head creates leaks through other parts of the piping
  • Shower or tub handles don’t tighten enough to stop water flow
  • Too much waste in tub drainage
  • Your bathroom showers and tubs are extremely old and have not been maintained
  • Rust or build-up at shower heads, knobs, drains
  • Water overflow

Los Angeles and Orange County shower leak repairs

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Keep your shower’s water flowing.

If you have spotted a few of the signs listed above, call us right away before you experiences any more plumbing problems. Our qualified plumbing professionals will help you diagnose any potential shower leak repairs needed and provide you with a free written estimate. If we notice additional potential water leaks or plumbing problems, we will alert you of them and help you get to the root of the problem.

Santa Fe Springs shower leak repairs

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