Plumbing Problems In Orange County How To Guide

plumbing problems in orange county

Nothing is worse than having your toilet be a silent killer, or that clogged drain messing up an area of your house, even those hard to clean spots from water damage. Plumbing problems in Orange County usually go undetected, but our plumbing professionals at Classic Plumbing and Rooter Service have created a how to guide, so you can spot them before they get worse.


  • a toilet leak – If you hear the continuous sound of running water or faint hissing in the toilet, you might have a toilet leak. Toilet leaks are one of the plumbing problems in Orange County that you might not be able to fix on your own. If you see those indicators or even see water around the base of the toilet, you might need to call your local plumber to repair that sneaky leak raising your water bill.
  • a clogged drain – Bad smells near drains (sinks, faucets, toilets, showers) or water not going down properly in your sinks may be signs of a clogged drain. A clogged drain is never an easy fix because of the tight space. If there are multiple drains backing up in one area of the house or roots interrupting the piping system, we will be able to locate the plumbing problems in Orange County and estimate the extent of the damage.
  • water damage – Look for flaking, water stains, discoloration, water corrosion, brown or yellow water coming out of sinks/tubs, these are red flags of water damage. Be aware of this particular problem, and call a plumber to repipe because the damages are fast growing if you don’t stop it immediately.
  • shower repair – Little to no water pressure from the shower head, leaking drip from the shower, rust or build-up at shower heads, knobs, and drains are signs that you need a new shower repair. Your bathroom maintenance is a must. Showering in a clean or sanitary and working bathroom is important to make you feel your best. Let us take care of your shower repairs, or contact us and we will inspect and give you an estimate today.

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